Senior Strong

For Patients
When choosing Neighborhood Health for Senior Living Care, our team of clinicians go onsite to long-term care facilities. Our team is devoted to providing outstanding care without the hassle of having to travel outside of your own home.  Our approach exceeds the typical health care experience to make sure that you get the care you need when and how you need it.

Telemedicine/video visits are also available for your health care needs.

We offer many different types of Care:

  • Onsite and Virtual Care
  • Personal Care Team
  • Wellness & Preventative Care
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • Chronic Care Management
Beautiful Female Doctor With Medical Documents Standing In Hospital Room

For Facilities
For Facilities that choose to partner with Neighborhood Health, your staff will have access to contact our healthcare team directly 7 days a week.  Our clinical providers become part of your team without adding any additional expenses.

Administrators of the facilities will have access to the healthcare team to address any emergent issues that may arise after hours. With the help of Neighborhood Health our team can provide excellent care and also prevent unnecessary ER visits, saving cost to your facility related to transportation.

When choosing Neighborhood Health, our team is committed to being on site at your facility at least one day every week.